Artist Profile: Joggie van Staden

About Photographer Joggie van Staden

Acclaimed photographer Joggie van Staden is a legendary photographic artist from the Garden Route, South Africa. As a young botanist he developed a deep love for nature and a desire to capture the beauty of creation through photography. He has honed his craft over many decades and has become one of the foremost abstract nature photographers on the continent.

Joggie sees things that others miss. His eye for detail and beauty, his patience, his knowledge of the natural world and where to find interesting subjects and landscapes, all these qualities have helped him to capture some of the most incredible perspectives of God's creation. To quote Joggie:

"We are surrounded by things of beauty - its up to us to find, capture and share them..."

Joggie's work is known for its artistic beauty and creativity, often highlighting the intricate patterns and delightful colors and textures found in nature. As an artist, he often manages to capture a mood or emotion, a story or a metaphor through his images. His work capture the sense of awe and wonder we all feel when nature surprises us with unexpected beauty. But his images may also inspire a thought or a revelation, or communicate a powerful truth. It's hard to describe and it's different for everyone, which is what makes his art so powerful. His abstract images, landscapes and seascapes celebrate nature's beauty in a fresh, creative way.

The textures and colors in Joggie's photographic art works lend themselves uniquely to decor projects, especially for those who want more than an abstract work of art to fit a color scheme. A beautiful canvas by Joggie van Staden may suit the color and decor of a space perfectly, but the connoisseur of such art will not miss the meaning and theme of the artwork, perhaps portraying a single idea like potential or expectation, or overcoming adversity, or whispering a message of hope or promise, or just radiating peace, tranquility, or a sense of wonder.

Beauty and meaning is all around us, and Joggie brings it to life and into your living room through Savanna Fine Art.

Joggie's fine art prints are in high demand and his work has won international acclaim. If you purchase a fine art canvas print of any of Joggie's images, we can include his digital signature on the print on request. To inquire about his coveted limited edition fine art prints, printed and signed by Joggie personally, please contact us.

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